Lee, Carolyn and Mimi are so excited to welcome you to TRIBE. It is our passion work and we are confident that with a tribe (us!) you will create a life after 40, 50 and 60 that you never imagined possible.  Remember, we don't age; we evolve!

Numerous scientific studies show that staying connected to community and feeling connected to other humans have a wide variety of positive impacts such as improving health, brain function and mood, especially as we age.  And we can attest to that!

After years of the three of us sharing  our goals and  pain points, we recognize that having like-minded business owners, who are aware, interested and supportive, helps us find our way when we feel lost. When we have each other's support, we stay on track and seem to be more successful.  The three of us see ourselves as a small tribe that gently, but firmly, holds each individual  accountable to her cherished dreams.

Our own experience got us thinking that all women have very specific struggles and needs as business owners.  We know a lot of sole proprietors, direct marketers, realtors, consultants and women in business for themselves who could benefit from the self-help tools that the three of us use as well as a TRIBE that has their back. Maybe you are one of them.

We would love to have you in our community! Come join our TRIBE!

xo, Lee, Mimi and Carolyn


Personal Retirement Plan: to own two homes in two different countries and play host to family and friends, while I run a business on the side in 18 or fewer hours per week.

I am a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and have been coaching clients both formally and informally since 2009. My background is communications and contract law and you may find my Linkedin profile here.

I show up here because I am passionate about coaching people through confusion - sometimes through sadness and worry -  and into clarity and a more profound sense of self and peace. I coach people who want a better life experience, which turns out to have a lot to do with a sense of personal freedom, stable finances, and a strong sense of purpose.

I have found through the years, as a journalist and life coach, that people are happiest when these three things are solid.

I also am here because I value human connection and community. In fact, we developed the concept of TRIBE around these principles: personal freedom, financial freedom, sense of purpose and community.

I am fairly certain you are here right now because you value these principles, too.

And, if you are here to face this thing called midlife and to design a vibrant, exciting and profitable "retirement" for yourself, you are absolutely in the right community to do exactly that. Welcome. 

If you want to know a little bit more about me personally, I am a mother of three wonderful children and a lifelong writer. After my divorce and financial armageddon, I read a whole bunch of self-help books, including the powerful and transformative coaching books by Martha Beck. When I found out that Martha had a school for life coaching, I knew that is what I would do.

Now, I am a certified Martha Beck coach and practice a type of coaching that is unique to Martha. Martha calls it Wayfinding. Much of what we will do in this course is based on the Wayfinder style of coaching, which I will elaborate on in our online courses and at our events. Mostly, we work a LOT with the right brain and a great deal of metaphor, analogy and simile.  

With the tools that we teach you, you will develop super powers. Seriously! Your life will transform, sometimes slowly, sometimes abruptly - but it WILL transform. 

Carolyn Bilyak Farkas

Personal Retirement Plan: to travel the world with my family and friends, while I run a business on the side in 18 or fewer hours per week.

I am a fellow seeker of a meaningful life - one filled with love, inspiration, excitement, passion and fun!  My life, like so many of yours, has been blessed with both great joy as well as deep trauma.  Both of which I have learned to be grateful for.    During the first chapter of my life I have been able to raise incredible human beings, invest in life long friendships, learn about myself, my purpose, strengths and desires and discover inner strength and resiliency that I did not know I was capable of.  My life has been enhanced with mentors and friends that I could not live without and they have expanded my world and mind in ways I could not have reached on my own.  I cherish them.  I have also had great loss and difficulties through unhealthy relationships, financial struggles and the deaths of people I love dearly.   There have been days - and years - that I have felt unmoored from my life's purpose and yearned for joy and excitement.  And of course, as my children have grown up I have longed to turn the hands of time back to when my purpose was so clear and easily tapped into.    For a while, I felt uncertain by the changes that my life was going through.  Why did I crave purpose when I was busy all the time?  How could I want more?  How could I possibly fit more into my day?  How would I change paths so dramatically while keeping all the day-to-day balls that I juggle in the air?  What was I thinking?  And yet.  That yearning persisted.  It whispered to me most days and called loudly on others.  There is a Second Chapter.  And it is not just good.  It is phenomenal. 

So I did what I always do when I am uncertain, anxious, looking for answers and not finding them.  I returned to the one tool that has always allowed me the space to hear the answer to my question. Meditation. Through a renewed meditation practice I realized that my only obligation was to be intentional about myself. I still took care of everything on my plate including three kids, two jobs, two dogs, one house, extended family and my friendships through this experience.  Somehow the universe made it all possible for me. Once I trusted my intuition - that I needed to love myself in small and large intentional ways, I started taking care of myself in a very meaningful way.   I made sure I was eating the best possible foods that I could eat, I made time in my schedule for lots of sleep, I exercised all. the. time., spent as much time with people who REALLY love me and are 100% in my corner as I possibly could, took supplements and walks and baths and meditated a TON.  And I learned soo much about what I am supposed to do next.  And it is awesome.

My year of self care and meditation showed me that the first half of my life, my Chapter 1, was all about laying my foundation. 

It was about meeting the people that would become my cherished inner circle and about teaching me what I am good at and what I need to work on.  It also gave me insight on what I want for myself and what I intentionally want to avoid.  The most amazing discovery that I made through my journey is that I get to create the life I want to live!   For me, it feels like for the first chapter, life was doing the choosing.  The universe was sending experiences, people and challenges into my path without my full consent. What I couldn't see then was that the universe was providing everything I needed in terms of relationships, skills, experiences and wisdom for my second chapter.  What an unbelievable gift!   I love that I get to choose what I want in my life and create the future that I have laid the foundation for! 

Can you imagine jumping into this creative journey with me?  I promise that it will be as fulfilling for you as it has been for me.  It will give you the answers to the questions that your soul has been asking. And will fulfill it's quiet calling for something more, something better,  something phenomenal.  And Lee, Mimi and I will be there for you every step of the way! We can't wait to share the tools we use daily and believe in with you. 


Personal Retirement Plan: to own lots and lots of land and live in the woods with my dogs, while I run a business on the side in 18 or fewer hours per week.

Why am I here?  I was intrigued by the idea of starting and working in a business that was outside of the mainstream corporate world.  When my friend Lee Sears approached me about a retreat business focused on life coaching events I was hooked.  I quickly reached out to Carolyn Bilyak Farkas and the team was formed.  We quickly realized our goal of starting a business that would create a thriving retirement lifestyle was too fantastic to keep to ourselves.  TRIBE was formed so we could invite every women to take this journey with us.  We’re having fun while working and no longer fear an unstable, unexciting future - which is an amazing gift.

So - Who am I?  I’m a 55 year old widow with two amazing daughters and a granddaughter for whom I am totally smitten. I spent years (and years) in the corporate world before realizing it just wasn’t where I was going to be successful.  Or achieve my definition of success.  I now run my own company in the food service industry.  Stepping out on my own was a big risk and I’m so thankful that I took that risk, even though it came at a time when my husband was shakily employed and battling addiction issues.  Working from home allowed me the flexibility to help him and be available for my daughters.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was beginning my quest to a balanced life.  For me, life balance must involve family, work, travel and service

Now - What do I bring to this Business?  I’m an entrepreneur and not afraid to take a risk.  I’ve had my own business for over a decade and come from a family of small business owners.  I have a passion for travel and have organized small group trips to, among other places, France, Ireland and Namibia.  I have run events of both large and small scale.  I’m excited to put these skills and passions to use and build a community of women who share the goal of life balance and self-discovery while proving that our current age is the best age of all.


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